eCar Charging Station

Installation and Incentives

Electric Vehicle Service Equipment

eCar charging stations also known as electric vehicle charging stations are installed in public and private locations. Majority owners of electric vehicles have chargers installed at their property. However, they also need to have access to other charging stations when they are driving. The electric vehicles need frequent charging to keep them powered and running. For every electric vehicle on the road, there is a demand for two charging stations.

The charging at the stations is faster than at the home due to the capacity of the chargers. Level 2 charging, Level 3 charging, super charging, wireless charging, wifi charging, and heavy vehicle charging are different types of charging possible at the charging stations. The powerful chargers at the stations are able to fully charge the vehicles as fast as within five to thirty minutes depending up on the type of the charger.

Many new buildings are built with 'EV ready' features to charge the electric vehicles. Proper wiring and location of the parking where the charging takes place are planned ahead as per the NEMA and building codes. Existing buildings are modifying their infrastructure to accommodate the electric vehicle charging on their premises. Libraries, departmental stores, malls, hotels, public parking, offices, and so on are the common places. The charging stations are also being installed by private manufacturers such as Tesla to encourage the electric vehicles.

The Electric Vehicle Serice Equipment require additional permissions and clearance for installation. Several federal and state incentives are available for installing the eCar charging stations. Here is a chart by the United States Department of Energy that highlights the number of incentives available state-wide.

ecar charging station1


Many industries including design, construction, hospitality, apartments, fleet owners, condos, federal and state agencies, parking operators, real estate, stadiums, theaters, cities, and so on are installing the charging stations to attract customers. They are able to demonstrate their commitment for the sustainable environment by installing the eCar charging stations. Businesses are able to generate extra income by installing the electric vehicle chargers.

Installing the eCar charging station requires adequate permissions and training. Most electric vehicle charging station providers provide detailed documentation about the installation. CAD drawings, data sheets, revit files, installation guides are provided with the equipment. The providers can ship the equipment directly to the installation site. Adequate electrical set up is required before beginning the installation. Wiring diagrams and specifications provided by the equipment manufacturer must be followed. Different guidelines exist for the different types of charging stations, connector type, mounting type, and charger type.

eCar charging stations installation is achieved by following a sequence of steps. The installer must first check the contents of each charging station box. Removing the front panel, mounting pole, and base plate is the next step. Assembling the base plate and mounting pole is the next step. Next, body is installed and wires are connected to the terminal. Finally, the front panel is closed. Testing the station after installation is one of the crucial steps. Continuous monitoring is recommended for all installations.

Charging station owners are able to monitor and control the equipment remotely. Appointments, reservations, payment gateways, packages, and so on are possible with the charging stations. Real-time information about the parking availability can be done with the mobile phone applications. Management and maintenance is easier for the charging stations.

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Charging Stations

Charging stations locations are available through out the nation. Some are public and some are private. The pricing may differ with station and provider such as usage based pricing or commercial pricing. Pricing also differs based on the type of the charger and the range per hour offered. You can find the nearest eCar charging station by using the smart phone applications of your electric vehicle. You can save the nearest centers and reserve a charging appointment using the online reservation systems.

There are around 15, 000 public and private electric charging stations in the United States. Owners can Find a Station by using the government resources. Alternately, PlugShare and ChargePoint are some of the systems that can be used to find the nearest eCar charging station. Here is a chart by the US Department of Energy showing the number of public and private charging stations state wide.

Best Practices

If you are a owner of a eCar charging station, you need to follow certain rules and regulations. Maintenance of the facilities is very important for the smooth operation. Clear rules must be published for the drivers and pricing must be specified before use. The rate per kWh and any other convenience fees must be specified in the bill. If the subscriber is a regular user, appropriate packages must be suggested.

It is better to contact the manufacturer or a licensed technician for any maintenance of the equipment. Frequent inspections must be done to check any issues. Major repairs or modifications must be performed after consultation with the insurance company and manufacturer. Offering a smart networked electric vehicle charging will improve the access and information to the electric vehicle drivers.

If you are installing multiple charging stations, the equipment provider may offer extended services such as warranty and support. The systems are available for continuous monitoring, report generation, usage reports, energy conservation reports, and so on. Tracking and maintenance becomes easier with the support systems and software by the equipment providers. eCar charging stations are thus easier to install and maintain. They further help in attracting more customers and retaining business.

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